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Echoing Justice Report Goes In-Depth on Communication Strategy for Grassroots Social Justice Organizations

By Beth Johnson · April 09, 2013

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Have you seen this yet- Echoing Justice: Communication Strategies for Community Organizing in the 21st Century? It’s the action research project of the Echo Justice Communications Collaborative- a multi-year initiative designed to improve movement building communication strategies that strengthen racial justice alliances and their impact.

The Center for Media Justice and The Praxis Project were among the key partners on this project, which ultimately resulted in the research publication, which combines case studies, focus group interviews, review of existing research and a capacity survey of grassroots alliances and organizations.

What do you need to know from the report? Primarily that innovative grassroots communications are having a big impact but organizations are very limited with the budget and staff they can dedicate to their efforts. Stories in the report show how communications integrated with organizing have made a difference in the lives of exploited workers in Louisiana, urban dwellers in Miami and immigrants in Arizona. But they also discuss how less than 20% of organizations have a communications staff with more than a year of training.

If you haven’t already, peruse the report and think about some of their key recommendations and how they might play into your efforts- prioritizing communications collaboration, investing more to see a greater return and reporting on investment results.

Beth Johnson has been working in the communication field for the last eight years. She began her career handling public relations for the Marine Corps Marathon and continued to develop her skills overseeing e-communication efforts at George Mason University. Now a communication specialist for Salsa, she manages a variety of writing and marketing projects. Beth holds a B.A. in communication from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and a M.A. in communication from George Mason University

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